So all your bags are packed and you are ready to go! Are you, really? While most of us like spontaneity, there is no harm in ensuring that we do not find ourselves lost in a foreign land, or worse, being questioned by authorities for something that we thought were alright to do or to bring. Before you panic and have second thoughts on that item in your travel bucket list, here are some basic things to arm yourself with before searching for that well-deserved adventure:

  • Airport Rules – Airport rules are universal but some countries have stricter restrictions so take the time to check them out.
  • Reservations – Have you confirmed your flight, hotel and tour bookings?
  • Travel documents – passport, visas (if required), tickets, and other important papers
  • Itinerary –You could indicate directions and contact numbers, duration of every activity, and specific rules enforced in the area. If you are going to China, for example, it is best to have the Chinese version of the address of your hotel or intended place of visit.
  • Helpful phrases that you could turn to if the going gets rough. Yes, it will, I assure you, but hopefully in a fun way! “Je suis perdu. Aidez moi!” is “I am lost. Help me!” in French. You can follow that with “English only!” Put emphasis on “English.” It might be the only word that can save you. Kidding!
  • Cash in the currency of the country you are visiting. This is for places that do not accept debit/credit cards.
  • Daily weather forecast. You wouldn’t want to encounter snow while wearing that brand-new bathing suit, would you? Or sweat yourself out wearing that fabulous winter jacket under the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Vacation essentials – The most exciting to prepare for, I know!


Traveling to a foreign land is both enjoyable and rewarding. You will find it satisfying every time you congratulate yourself for accomplishing something, like finding those perfect pair of shoes after trying more than a hundred or being understood by that street vendor for that yummy delicacy that caught your eye. However you want to spend your time, immersing yourself in their culture would sure do you wonders. Just remember not to get lost! Now go open that door and collect your memories!

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