Haase’s Shoe Store and Young Folks Shop

By Cindy Ross

As we walk by this storefront strolling down the famous Oak Street today in Uptown New Orleans, we noticed a sandwich board out front that read celebrating 100th year anniversary. If you are a business owner, this too would have caught your attention.

It’s hard to stay in business a year much less a hundred of them. We were greeted outside by their great-grandson, Chris, from the original owners. I love my job because I get to meet business owners and learn about their personal stories every day. I learn about their incentive to start their own business, the struggles, and the successes.

The ambience of this little shoe store feels like home when you walk through the door.

I got to sit down with current owner, Judy Caliva and we were able to do a short interview who said the store fits “you for shoes from crib to coffin and everything in between.” Many generations have shopped at Haase’s and continue to do so today.

In March of this year, they lost a member of their family that worked here until she was 94 years old and she is remembered by all who came in contact with her. Ms. Vera May Haase Caliva, she left this earth after 98 years living.

Sure you could shop online, but you will miss the hands-on experience you receive when you shop at Haase’s!

Shop local, buy local.

Visit them while you;re in New Orleans at 8119-21 Oak St. Give them a call today 504-866-9941.

Specializing in shoes & monogramming | Remember, Christmas is just around the corner.

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